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What is included in a funeral plan?

There are a lot options that could be included in your funeral plan.


Options typically included in the total price:


  • Basic services of the funeral director and staff. This includes funeral planning, preparing necessary documents, and coordinating arrangements.
  • Transportation of the body. This includes transporting the body from the place of death to the funeral home. It can also include transporting from the funeral home to the cemetery or crematory.   
  • Embalming and other preparations. If you plan on having an open casket at the funeral or visitation,  you'll probably want to be embalmed.

If you have a private viewing with family, you may not need to be embalmed. However, most funeral homes have a cosmetic fee that includes preparing the body to be presentable to view.


Options that depend on your situation and preference:


  • Viewing or visitation. Viewing the body, or a visitation, is a chance for people to acknowledge their loss before the burial or cremation.
  • Funeral service. The service can be held at the funeral home or another venue, like a church.
  • Graveside service. The is a service held at the grave site. This service can be held after the funeral service or in place of it.
  • Casket or urn. This is what your body will be placed in. If you choose burial, you'll need a casket to be placed in the ground. If you choose cremation, you'll need an urn to put your ashes in.
  • Casket container. This is a container that covers your casket. If you choose burial, cemeteries will require a casket container to prevent the ground from sinking.
  • Additional services and merchandise. These are other items you may want to include in the funeral plan, such as death certificates, obituary listings, funeral service programs, police escort, flowers, and more.


This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Funeral options and prices will vary, depending on the funeral home.

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